Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eid ul fitr cakes 2012

How embarassed am I to put up the chocolate cake pic. Its one of the most silliest handbag cakes ever. But I wanted to make a special eid cake for the girls and  dolls and castles were off the list. A smart handbag cake was developing in my mind. I had seen a recipe for smooth icing in my moms icing book years ago when I was a child. I requested mom to please send me the recipe. When I had a look at the recipe, I was pleased to know it was like fondant. Something you could roll and shape as you liked. But it only had butter, sugar and lemon, And so I began making it with dreams of a pink handbag cake with pearls all over. The dream was very short lived, one taste of this icing and I was heart broken. It tasted awful. I would no way compromise on the taste of my girls' eid cake for the sake of how pretty it would look!

So I just covered the cake with buttercream. Gave the icing different shades of beetroot extract and cut it into flowers. Disheartedly stuck some pearls here and there and shoved it back into the fridge.

When my girls saw it, they were thrilled and screamed handbag cake! I was glad and thanked the Almighty that it did look like one.

The pic below is Tres leches as the dad deserves an eid treat too : )

China Grass and some phirni. ~ Iftar treats ~

Spinach and Cheese borek. Slightly burnt but super delicious!


Wheat and Jaggery cake!

Lemon Bread

So, I had got this box of marzipan from abroad to use it as decoration for my cakes. Marzipan definitely tastes better than fondant, and I wanted to use this instead of fondant. But months rolled by, and the expiry date was looming near. Not keen on making an elaborate cake with decoration at that point, I google-d for marzipan cake recipes. Made a orange and marzipan cake and Lemon and marzipan cake. Both were good, The father liked it, but too densish for me.